The Charmingly Boring Lives of Snails

Itty, bitty snails go on a cute little adventure. This itty, bitty release will crawl it’s way into your hearts. Partially inspired by the genre Comfy Synth, this release adheres to that genre’s generally minuscule album lengths and whimsical melodies. And yet, this release is essentially three lo-fi, downtempo, ambient tracks bookended by psychedelic pop songs themed as if they were the soundtrack to a trippy cartoon short. It’s the perfect length for escaping during your breaks at work.


‘Murica!!! I love this country but G*dammit, it gets right f*cked up from time to time. Get your patriot on (or not) this summer with the Red, White and Blue. This short little release is just begging for a campfire, a nice cool can of Hamm’s beer, and a little something else. Laugh, cry, cringe and binge!!! That’s America baby!!! And we’re “Indivisible”!!!

Wishing You a Happy Apocalypse and a Comfortable Isolation

Wishing You A Happy Apocalypse and a Comfortable Isolation is now available everywhere you enjoy music

Wishing You A Happy Apocalypse and a Comfortable Isolation began as a sister or companion release to Hallothanksmas Soundscapes (Spring and Summer themed as opposed to Autumn and Winter). However, a pandemic, as well as current and future events that were shaped by that pandemic worked an alchemical magic upon the project and it morphed into its own being.

As inspired by the spirit of jazz and free form music as I am, I allowed the project to twist and transform into the beautiful mess that it is today. While many of the avant-garde features of the previous release remain, this work emerged with a greater accessibility. And yet, that accessibility belies the smorgasbord of sound the listener will be engulfed in and challenged by.

From an opening of jazz inspired piano, to spectral hauntings of progressive rock over lo-fi electronica, to psychedelic dadaist elections and carnivals, to Synth-pop, and capstoned with an impressionistic Trance/Ambient piece with a tinge of gospel.


Eclectic Eccentric Elecronic


Different Different


Proudly Mastered by Baikonur Mastering

HalloThanksMas Soundscapes is Here!!!


HalloThanksMas Soundscapes is now available on most major streaming services and from most major vendors

HalloThanksMas Soundscapes is an

Eclectic Eccentric Electronic

collection of avant-garde music that experiments with plunder phonics, dark ambient, contemporary piano, ambient, soundscapes, drone, industrial, vaporwave, and even alternative. It manages to be snarky and tongue-in-cheek and yet carries a weight of dark seriousness that is ever present thru-out it’s short 27 minute run. Don’t let the run time fool you, this release is packed with a smorgasbord of sound.


different different


(proudly mastered by Baikonur Mastering)





The Outside

Listen to The Outside


Eclectic Eccentric Electronic

slice of  Art Pop!!!


Different Different

Little dove, wait…
You escaped from my grasp
Little dove, wait…
Drop the olive branch…

I’ve seen their smiles
Their teeth perfect and pearly white
their faces contort
I fear their intentions
‘cuz although they are silent
I know their sort

little dove, wait…
you’ve escaped from my grasp
little dove, wait….
drop your olive branch….

You let me peak inside
let me hear the organ 
and smell the incense 
I almost felt right
I almost felt it inside
felt part of something
You feigned your compassion
You came with your guidance
your comforting words
Then you came with your morals
you came with your judgements 
you told me to… burn!!!

ooooh oooh
even though I’m lonely
I feel safer on the outside