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Do The Buttcrack

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(Do the Buttcrack is a satirical meme song so you’re invited to make a TikTok, Reel, or Short. Do the Buttcrack is also intentionally vague and nonsensical so there is no wrong way to “do the buttcrack”)

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“Do The Buttcrack” reúne alguns gêneros na música,

algo futurista, com indie eletrônico, um experimental que beira o que The Voidz faz,

“Do The Buttcrack” pode ser ouvido em festas, baladas, no quarto,

em casa na sala, uma canção animada, cheia de sons que interagem com as pessoas.

Até o minuto 1:14, se trata de uma música eletrônica, mas a variação que ocorre até o minuto

1:48 nos leva a uma viagem pop futurista sensacional!

Criativo e com boas energias, William lança seu novo trabalho.”


“The intro already enters with both feet in the door,

where the sampled vocals speak furtively in front of the extremely seductive electronic incisions.

Synthesizers in profusion carry experimentalism in the most abrasive sensorial proportions, f

inding echo in the grooves with an absolutely delicious weirdness!

The guy often labeled “eccentric” in his enacted steps,

continues his first-rate transgression, full of genius.

Roadie Music

“William Sanford’s satirical and experimental electronic tune

‘Do The Buttrack’ quite explicitly takes the piss out of it all.

It’s a meme song without a doubt,

one that exists in absolute opposition to the overwhelming presence of

annoyingly catchy but irritatingly mundane pieces of dance music.

Find No Enemy

“At first listen and first impression,

I was delighted to think that I had yet again found another satirical comedy act like my good friends

Weed N’ Stiff (who just released their second Nintendo Game *shameless additional plug*)

but no, as it turns out when I looked deeper into William’s work,

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he is also a very gifted and serious composer.

Albeit, he does indeed dabble back and forth between, as he describes it,

“an aging philosopher” and being “belligerent and dumb.””

Audio Mirage Studios

The song is emotive from the get go,

and actually reminds us a bit of Lady Gaga’s song Donatella,

but almost with a contrarian philosophy.

Feeling alienated from social media trends, t

he North West Indiana / Chicago-based artist William Sanford has chosen activism,

body positivity and taking ownership of his physicality in this unique and memorable track.