William is an eclectic, eccentric and electronic musician from the NW Indiana/ Chicago-land area. William has been interested in music since the age of 9 when he first started playing the piano. William played bass for a few local bands during his high-school years, but would secretly record messy, psychedelic bedroom pop tunes on a 4 track recorder under the name Sandi Beach.
(Check out a couple of Sandi Beach tracks below)

William switched to electronic music in his early to mid 20s as Geographyhorse and managed to get onto a compilation Fdisk Encrypted Transmissions. William also attended college around this time. First, he majored in History with the intention to teach but later switched to Philosophy because William seems abhor any path that might actually net him a stable income. After graduating from college, William fell into his first period of musical inactivity.
(Check out some Geographyhorse tracks below)

Later, William spent a short amount of time in Philadelphia working with a cellist on an unreleased jazz project, but it was also around this time that William started taking music theory seriously, adopting an approach that would start to blend conventions with William’s previous free spirited nature. However, this was short lived and William fell into another period of inactivity.

Around late 2018 into early 2019, due to a sudden mid-life crises, William decided to revive his musical interests, draining his savings and building a small home studio. With absolutely no real sense of direction, William’s first projects were a hodgepodge of genres, time signatures, moods and themes while William cycled thru a number of names to even call this flailing fledgling of a project. But before William could even settle on anything, he found he had already gotten his first blog features and playlist ads under his own name: William Sanford.

Thus, William’s musical identity began to take shape. How does one even refine an eclectic and eccentric identity? But this is precisely what William has begun to do. With William’s latest e.p.’s The Charmingly Boring Lives of Snails and Cool Memories, William’s eclectic and eccentric nature has been whittled down to a few core elements; all packaged in a psychedelic sheen. Rest assured, William is still as weird as ever, but weird like a strong zinfandel wine with some funky cheese and not bathtub punch with Doritos and gummy bears.

What’s next on William’s journey? William has been toying with an idea of leaning even further into psychedelia but with some unexpected twists and turns. After all, psychedelic music is a wide category that encompasses a number of genres and sub-genres (some seemingly incompatible with each other). What happens when 60s transistor organs and aging tweed amps meet PsyDub and Indie Neo-Psychedelia? Who knows? But, William is more than willing to explore those possibilities.

William is eccentric. William is weird. William is different. Different, different even. But, one thing William is not; is boring.