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Cool Memories

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Not everyone has the luxury of time or money to go on a road trip.

Constantly consumed by the endless cycle of bills and reality in life,

Cool Memories is the dream come true in the wildest and liberating form.

From Columbus, Indiana, to Marfa, Texas, to Rothko Chapel, Texas, and Saugatuck shore,

William Sanford takes you on a psychedelic trip built on senses and imagination.

You’re only one click away from the treat.”

– Phork on “Cool Memories”

He uses a wide range of instrumentation on his works to achieve a holistic perception of his musical canvas.  

– Indie Dock Music Blog on “Cool Memories”

“O artista de Indiana, Chicago, nos traz um trabalho de altíssima sensibilidade,

onde estruturas ambient, dialogam com a new-age e suas “suscitudes” sonoras místicas,

probabilidades da música eletrônica, amplitudes progressivas,

art-rock, downtempo e IDM. “Cool Memories”

é um belíssimo conjunto de cinco canções capitaneado por William Sanford.”

-Roadie Music on “Cool Memories” 

“It has an almost folk quality to its opening sections.

That gets swept away when the beats come and it spirals off in chiming swirls.”

-Acid Ted on “I Dreamt of Marfa” 

“That switch was AMAZING!!! I’m telling you It’s like a journey from beginning to end.”

-Crown Family on “Together at Rothko Chapel”

I found myself getting drifted away…. losing myself in it. 

– Note’s Reviews on Cool Memories


Travel was once a means of being elsewhere,

or of being nowhere.

Today it is the only way we have of

feeling that we are somewhere.

-Jean Baudrillard


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