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Maximalism- An aesthetic of excess "More is More"

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The Charmingly Boring Lives of Snails

The Charmingly Boring Lives of Snails is available everywhere you enjoy music.

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“São 5 músicas distribuídas entre pouco mais de 16 minutos, que cumpre bem a proposta do Indie Rock,

com belos arranjos, riffs melódicos e linhas vocais agradavéis e interessantes.

Sem sombras de dúvidas vai agradar e em cheio aos fãs do estilo.

Aperte o play e confira.”

-Roadie Music on “The Charmingly Boring Lives of Snails”

“Slow and Steady always wins the race.”

-Crown Family on “A Cute Little Snail Adventure (Opening Credits)” 

Itty, Bitty, Snails

Go on a Cute,

Little Adventure




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